5 to 7 June 2023, Waterfront Hotel, London

Stock Market Digital Meet Up


JOIN THE WORKSHOP NOW 4 Phases to become Successful in any Business


Coaching is a very important factor for a successful business, it will guide you straight to the right path.


You need to get yourself trained for setting your level up to the market’s norms.


Sometimes you need a mentor for the answers you are not getting and that’s what counseling does for you.


Without experience, it is very difficult to do wonders in business.

Nowadays People takes Coaching from:

Biggest Coaching Platform Youtube

Where does Normal Person do their Counselling?

They seek their Help in the Job where their bosses mistreat them by letting them know their mistakes.


Where does the smart person do their Training?

They learn every day by seeing what's circumventing them and also by doing R&D.


Why do people often fail while investing money?

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Without Knowledge Action Is Useless, & Action Without Knowledge Is Futile.

Do You Need Any Such Income Source For Which You Don't Need To Depend On Others

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As you do not have to wait for any merchant nor any customer

Today we will talk about one such Business

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Master With Mr. Maddy

About Market

Introduction to Technical Analysis

Candlestick Charts

Candlestick Paterns

Trend Analysis

Support & Resistance

Chart Patterns

Indicator & Oscillators

How to Choose Stocks, Currency & Commodity Checklist ?

Will Teach You How to Choose Framework Strategies in span of

5 Min,10 Mins & 30 Mins

Seminar and Webinar Recordings  will be Available

Will Guide you through the Road Map of Trader to Pro Trader

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Take the First Step Towards Becoming a Stock Market Expert with Master with Maddy

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